Five for FREE Reminder

Hi All! 

It’s February 15, so that means we’re more than halfway through the February CTMH campaign – Five for Free!  I think this is quite an amazing deal and I don’t want you to miss out on it.

Now is the time to get started on digital / online scrapbooking if you have never tried it before!  If you’re already a Studio J user, or have been looking at various digital scrapbooking programs, now is the time to stock up on 5-packs!  What is a five pack you say???
A Five Pack includes 5 (double page!) layouts printed, 5 page protectors, and free shipping for all of it.   Until February 29, you can take advantage of the Five for Free campaign and get an extra Five Pack FREE with every Five Pack purchase!  Think I’ve said Five Pack enough times yet??
So, for this incredible deal, you end up with 10 two-page layouts, 10 memory protectors, AND free shipping for the price of just one 5-pack: $55!  It really is a steal!  With this sale, you could stock up for the future since they never expire, and/or you could give some away as gifts!  Have a wedding coming up?  Why not buy a set for yourself and one to gift to the bride so she can remember her special day by creating layouts and adding her own memorable thoughts about the day and journey to get there??   You can check out Studio J at any time and even get to work on some of your layouts!  If you’re excited to get them printed to keep forever, let me know and we can set you up.  Remember, this great deal is only available until February 29!!

There are some great videos here to introduce you to Studio J:

You can shop now using the shopping cart in the right sidebar, or send me an email with your order or any questions you might have!


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