Hi There!

My name is Laura and I love to create.  My motto when it comes to spending time in my studio is “Design, Create, Give.”   The great part of that motto is that you can start at any point!  Sometimes I skip the design part, and get right to creating!  Sometimes I just know I want to give something to someone so I head into my studio for inspiration.  And then, of course, at times I really want to hammer out a great design before I get started.  Above all else, I aspire to “give” or share my creative style with the people around me.  I just love a customer who comes to me with an idea and lets me run with it, all the while keeping them in the creative loop so they are aware of the work being done, and have input into the final product.

I created this blog to share some inspiration for fellow crafters, to have a place I could share my work with potential clients, and most recently it has become a place I can promote the Close to My Heart company and the wonderful tools and supplies I sell on their behalf.

Please feel free to leave your feedback on any of my posts and join me on Facebook, Pinterest, or my CTMH website!  I hope you’ve found something that has made you smile today!

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