“Cheque” This Out!!

First, I need to apologize for being away from the blog for so long! It’s been more than a month since I posted (thank you to the visitors who have continued to check in though!).  I started a new job in September along with volunteering for a few different things and I’ve been trying to balance everything – the blog kind of took a back seat, but thankfully crafting did not!  That means I have lots of things to share with you!

Up first, is a look into one of the events that was taking up a lot of my time in September and October…

I was recently a part of a planning committee that organized a very successful Medieval Feast as a fundraiser for a local camp (Kiwanis Sunshine Point Camp).  and I want to show you how I used Brookie Craft Vinyl to create the key piece to our donation presentation to the camp – the cheque!!

The list of supplies I needed wasn’t very long:

Large piece of foam board
Utility Knife (to cut the foam board to size)
Black Vinyl
Vinyl for the logo (in this case red, yellow, and blue)
Roll of Dry Erase material (Brookie Craft also sells dry erase vinyl that you could use to create sections of writable spaces on the cheque, instead of covering the whole thing!)

I decided right away that I needed to cut my foam board.  It was just a little too tall for the looks of a cheque in my opinion so I trimmed about 3 inches off to make it more rectangular.  I then used the full roll of dry erase material to cover the foam board entirely, and trimmed the edges for a clean finish. As I mentioned above, Brookie Craft also has dry erase vinyl available that could be used to create smaller areas of writeable space 🙂

I used my computer to create the cut files I needed to cut out the logo for the Knights of Columbus (the organization that spearheaded the event, and in turn was making the donation to the camp from the funds raised).  In addition to cutting out the logo, I cut out all of the cheque details in black vinyl, using a real cheque as reference so I didn’t miss anything important.

Once everything was cut it was just a matter of layering the colours to create the logo, and then spacing out all of the cheque information appropriately.  Brookie Craft’s transfer tape makes this super simple as it is transparent enough to see right through and ensure your design is going right where you need it!  If I have cut out a number of different things that don’t necessary go in the same spot, as shown in the picture of the black vinyl all cut out, I like to place my transfer tape over all of it first, and then use either a knife or scissors to cut the sections apart.  This way I’m sure to have the right size of tape for each piece and I can keep everything organized – just cut off the section you need as you need it so pieces don’t get lost 🙂

While I couldn’t actually attend the presentation as I was at a wedding, through the magic of technology I was able to be there via FaceTime and was thrilled to see the looks and hear the applause when our committee was able to present the camp with a cheque for $12,000!  We are a very small town, and this event was a collaborative effort by many – we not only made a considerable donation to a great cause, we brought our entire community together in the process, and shone a light on a much needed gem.

Here are a few other photos from the event, which gives you a peek at some of the other decorations I made (the table banners) using burlap and heat transfer vinyl.  Hopefully I can do a post on those eventually too!  Woohoo, it’s nice to be back to blogging!  I’ve been working on lots of cards, Christmas decor, and custom work lately and I can’t wait to share it all!

To learn more about the camp, click here 🙂

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