Personal Graduation Invitations

What has 80 brown eyes, 1280 blue dots, 40 caps, and 220 inches of ribbon??? If you guessed the graduation cards about to be featured in this post, you’re right! LOL

I was approached to create some custom graduation invitations for a high school student who can’t wait to celebrate her accomplishments of high school and the excitement of moving on to University!  I immediately thought of my newest cartridge, Paper Doll Teen Scene and was ecstatic when I thought of a way to incorporate it into the design.   Here’s a walk through how chose to put these dolls together…

Here’s a great way to colour any cuts that you don’t have the right paper or cardstock colour for!  Run them through the Cricut, then while everything is still on your mat, colour in the areas you’ll be using.  This is helpful because you don’t need to be so careful when colouring since it overlaps onto scrap areas anyway.  For the hair, I only needed to colour the upper half of the cut since the rest would be covered by her body.  I used a Mustard Seed Distress Marker for the colour.

While this cartridge comes with layers to provide you with cute eyes, it does not include mouths or noses…  AND I jumped at the release of the Peachy Keen Cherub Faces and couldn’t wait to put them to use as well.  For this reason, I ignored the “black” layer, and used the “white” layer as my skin coloured layer.  This makes a lot more sense if you have purchased the cartridge, or taken a look at the digital handbook ;).  I also chose to cut out my hair layer in white so that I could customize the colour with markers, instead of using a cardstock colour that just didn’t match her hair as well as I wanted it to (yep, I’m picky!).   Here’s a look at the layers I used for my dolls, and then a stack of stamped faces – sooo cute!

Once all of my layers were cut, I began assembling – the stamped faces layer goes on top of the hair layer, then the “front hair” or “bangs” go on top of that layer.  Finally, the outfit – in this case, the graduation cap and gown, and silver shoes.  Again, I needed more detail, so I used my Distress Markers again to colour the eyes brown, and add some lipstick (ironically with the colour worn lipstick!).   A little pink chalk for blush, and these gals were complete!  I finished off the cards using a background shape from Art Philosophy, a bit of ribbon, and hand punched tags with computer generated sentiments.  The insides of these invitations have all the information each guest needs to know about the party.

These cards will be entered in the current Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge 🙂
Congratulations to everyone graduating this year!

Thanks for stopping by!!


8 thoughts on “Personal Graduation Invitations

  1. These are great, your a good person., thanks for tip on the cart. I played for a few minutes and realized this was going to take a while to fiqure out.

  2. OMGosh that is an awesome design— and I love the pics with the TONS of paperdolls! How fun! I love that you colored the hair in with markers! Really cool idea and more like real hair with highlights and shadows due to the the nature of markers.

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