Cancer Ribbon Necklaces

A couple of friends were participating in a fundraising event to support cancer research and part of their challenge was to wear as many colours to represent cancer as possible.  Someone provided a list of 17 “cancer colours” and their coresponding disease.  I decided I wanted to help out since I couldn’t actually attend the event, so I created two of these necklaces that they wore, proudly displaying each of the cancer ribbons.

I used my Gyspy to lay out 17 sets of ribbons (I used Designers Calendar but there is a ribbon on Pink Journey too).  Each ribbon was cut at 2.5″.  Since the gold paper I had was only gold on one side, unlike all of the double sided cardstock for the other colours, I also flipped two ribbons to cut in gold again so that I could adhere them together.  I wanted my ribbons to be the “right” colour on both sides in case they spun around on the necklaces.  One of the colours is “clear” for Lung Cancer so for that one, I used vellum.   Here is my mat, cut into 3×3″ squares, ready to cut:

Once all of my ribbons were cut, I used the YourStory to laminate them, then did a quick trim around each one.  Once they were all laminated and oh so pretty, I punched a small hole in the top of each one using the Crop-a-dile.  I had some keychain hooks that were perfect to hang each ribbon on the necklaces with.  I added a few beads as spacers as I placed the ribbons onto the necklace wire (found in the jewelry section in the dollar store!).

While these necklaces were worn with all of the ribbons for this particular event, you can easily wear it with just one ribbon to represent any specific fundraiser as well.  I am taking part in the Dragon Boats for a Cure event this summer which supports Breast Cancer so I think I’ll wear the pink one there!


Thank you so much for visiting!  If you’re looking for more information on the various colours of ribbons and what they represent, I found this website.


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