A Tote Bag for Andrea!

Quite some time ago, I made a tote bag for myself to bring along to crops and crafty events.  You can see that original post here.  Well, Andrea has wanted her own tote bag ever since, and because I was about to head up to see her in the hospital as she recovered from surgery, I thought it’s about time I make that tote bag!!  Lucky for me, I can classify this as Function meets Fun, and use it in a Circle Challenge as well! 😉  Gotta love multitasking!  Grab a little heat transfer vinyl, a blank tote bag, and your Cricut and try out your own personalized bag!

I used my gypsy and images from the Pagoda cartridge to create this side.  I used Lyrical Letters for the translations.  Each symbol is representative of her recovery and our amazing friendship.

For the other side I made it a little more fun, and based it on something we both have in common!  Also, I was pretty sure that she would definitely rather be shopping than laying in that hospital bed!   I used Car Decals for the phrase and image of the little shopper!

Andrea is back at home today, after being in the hospital for 7 days and is well on her way to recovery!!
Welcome home, Andrea! xoxo


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