Inspired By Pinterest: Tshirt Necklace

Here is my first official “Inspired by Pinterest” post!  I am one of many who have been consumed by the world of Pinterest!  It is a wonderful place to find and organize inspiration for projects and life, recipes, outfits, places to go, things for the home, etc.  I LOVE it!  BUT, I keep finding myself “pinning” all of these wonderful ideas and then not really “doing” any of them.  So I’m starting my own new initiative, to do something inspired by Pinterest at least once a week.  It can be anything from implementing a new organization technique, to a new recipe or craft project.  Want to join me??

I have been seeing a few postings for a upcycled necklace, that was once a tshirt.  I watched a few youtube videos to get the general instructions and then went to it.  Here are some great tutorials (there are a few different variations throughout youtube – I might try some more using different instructions next time 🙂 .. and I’ll probably use a larger tshirt to get a longer scarf/necklace that I can layer) :

I added to mine by cutting my loops and tying them onto keychain loops, and then to a length of chain.  I braided a portion as well and added some fabric flowers.

To make my fabric flowers, I cut out flowers spirals from the Art Philosophy cartridge in three different sizes (I can’t remember exactly, but probably around 3, 4 , and 5″).  Before I cut them out of the fabric, I ironed on some fusible fabric web (Heat ‘n Bond works well) to make it stiffer and easier for the Cricut to cut.  With the Heat ‘n Bond on, the Cricut cut out my shapes easier with the settings of Speed: 2, Pressure: Max, Blade: 6, with my regular blade.   Be careful when removing from your mat – you may need to snip a few threads with your scissors.   I used hot glue to glue my flower together once I curled it up, and then used hot glue again to adhere it to the necklace.

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