DIY: Things to Do Board

I am always trying to think of ways to stay organized and on top of the projects I have on the go.  Lately I’ve been jotting notes down on so many different pieces of paper that one or more is bound to get misplaced or tossed in the recycle along with the scraps.

The other day I was working on a completely different project and had the cartridge Graphically Speaking in my hand.  While flipping through the handbook I saw the number images I have always loved but have never used.  I was immediately struck with the idea to create this canvas Things To Do board.  It is serving as a great place to not only organize but prioritize the things I need to complete.  The extra clips at the bottom give me even more space to organize!

Here’s the How To!!

Supplies Needed:
Canvas (I used 15.5″ x 23.5″ but you can adjust the sizing for whatever suits you or your existing supplies)
Tan Vinyl (12″x12″)
Chocolate Brown Vinyl (12″x12″)
5 Clothespins
Coordinating paper scraps
Paint (I used burgundy and brown)
Picture hanging wire
Hanging Clips
2 Nails
Embellishments (ribbon, buttons, twine)

Step 1:

Begin by taping off one section of your canvas to paint the two sections (I measured 5.5″ from the top to seperate my canvas). When the first section dries, move the tape to section off the other area.   Depending on your canvas and your paint you may need a few coats of each colour.  Make sure your whole canvas is completely dry before trying to adhere any vinyl.

Step 2:

The images from Graphically Speaking are cut at 2.5″, varying colours between tan and chocolate brown vinyl.  I cut the title using the Art Philosophy font.   After weeding your vinyl, use transfer paper to easily transfer your cuts to the canvas.  My tip, when working on a canas wrapped around a frame, use something similar in height, like a section of a paper pad, to fill in the space between the back of the canvas and the floor or table.  This will give you a stronger surface to burnish your vinyl onto.

Step 3:

Cover your clothespins with patterned paper, and cut out flag shapes from Art Philosophy at approximately 3.25.”

Step 4:

Add the nails to the bottom corners of your canvas and wrap the wire from one to the other.   Then it’s time to embellish!! I hot glued buttons to the nails to diguise them, as well as in the upper right corner along with some twine.  I also added the ribbon by stapling each side into the back of the canvas frame.  The clothespins are hot glued in place as well.

Step 5:

Hang it up and start organizing!! Use the numbers to keep track of priorities and the clips below to hold coupons, phone numbers, and extra scraps of paper for your board.


Hope you found this project helpful!

Thanks for stopping by!



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