I have had this project in mind ever since I joined Pinterest, quite some time ago.  I immediately titled it “Pinspiration!”   I completed the project in February but finally got around to getting it mounted and picked it up last week.  I just love how it turned out, and the staff at the photo studio seemed to love it too – we weren’t sure they were going to give it up lol!   I was so excited to take photos for you that I didn’t even dust off the print before I took them – just ripped off the plastic wrap and snapped away!

How did I do this?  Well… one of the first boards I started adding to on Pinterest was my “Inspiration” board, where I would add inspirational and motivational quotes – some serious, some humorous.  I was ending up with quite the selection and decided that I wanted to have some of them visible to me on a daily basis.  It took me a couple hours every day for about a week to go into each pin on that board and save the image to my computer.  I then created a poster on my computer using the images (you can use any program that will let you add multiple photos).

I started with a blank document, sized 20″ wide by 32″ tall.  I wanted to replicate the idea of an actual page on Pinterest so I created columns to mimic the website.  The pictures were all resized to either 2″ or 2.5″ wide and their height was kept in proportion with the width.  To really get the “Pinterest” feel, I took screen shots of the “fetching” animation as well as the “scroll to top” button to incorporate into my poster.  I ended up using 87 pins from the Inspiration Board (you can find my original board here).  I can’t take credit for any of the individual quotes or images since they were all pins from others artists o n Pinterest, but the poster idea and format is all my own.   I have so many new pins in on the board that I may have to do another version of this soon… Pinspiration 2, anyone???

Pinspiration Digital File

I took the high resolution digital file to my local Costco to get printed out, and then used Costco again to send it away to be plaqued.  The total cost for this project was about $50 for printing and plaquing, but I think the outcome is priceless 🙂

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