Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday I showed you a bit about distressing your cuts, but I only really showed you examples of dark, cocoa ink.  Today I want to show you a great example of distressing using our White Daisy pigment ink.  This is honestly my favourite white ink I have ever used.  It really shows up well on dark colours and since it’s pigment, it’s also permanent on fabrics, wood, clay, and porous surfaces after heat-setting.

I cut out the rainbow image from Noah’s ABCs, and three different cloud shapes from Create a Critter.  Here’s an image of the clouds right after they were cut, and then after they were inked with Sky Blue (perfect name, eh?).

I inked the edges of each piece for the rainbow separately before I adhered them together.  Here is the completed rainbow cut along with the Rainbow Bridge poem (printed out on a think transparency), with edges distressed with the White Daisy ink.  Doesn’t it look great on the plastic??!

I am very happy with these cards – I wasn’t sure how well you would be able to read the poem with the rainbow behind it, but I think it turned out quite clear.  I attached the poem using only tiny brads so that no adhesive would show through.  You might notice that each card only has half a rainbow – this means I was able to get 4 cards from just 2 complete rainbows.  Never throw out those “half shapes” when you have your cuts go off the page!

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