It’s a 70’s Thing! {Custom Wedding Invitations}

I am so excited to share this project with you!!  I spent months completing a set of invitations for a couple getting married – this was extra exciting for two reasons:
1) The groom is my cousin (and the bride my soon to be cousin!)
2) It’s a 70’s themed wedding!!

We had a couple brainstorming sessions and they were pleased with the idea of invitations that looked like records out of the 70’s.  Off I ran with it!!   Here’s a quick look at how it all came together…

The Cover
With a photo of each of them, I used Photoshop Elements to create their own cover art for the record; once I had created a full cover template (complete with extra info on the back for out of town guests), I had them printed on 8.5″ x 11″ glossy card stock.  These covers were each cut, scored, and assembled by hand.

After cutting the scraps away from the covers, I used my scoring tool to create sharp folds

Trimming the covers down to size, and clipping the corners for a sharp finish

Each cover was hand assembled – I love my ATG gun!!

The Invitation & The Reply Card
The invitation was the actual record that came out of the sleeve created above – it is even proportionate in size to a real record.  On one side, the guest would see the date of the wedding, record label (hey that’s me!) and the bride and groom’s names on the center sticker; on the other side, all of your essential wedding invitation information, with a little 70’s flare.

The reply card was a miniature version of the invitation record, except with the reply card info on the back, also utilizing some fun phrases from the 70’s and encouraging guests to share their favourite 70’s song – maybe they’ll hear their song played at the wedding 😉

A look at the supplies used to create the record invitations and reply cards. So many circles!!

Stacks of reply cards

Records, facing up

Information Sides

The Complete Set! 
Sure, it was a lot of work, but I think it was worth it!! The wedding is next Friday and I can’t wait to see everyone in their finest 70’s threads!

Ready to Rock!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Have a creative day!


27 thoughts on “It’s a 70’s Thing! {Custom Wedding Invitations}

  1. Love, love, love this! As a child of the 70s, what is not to love? And the guests will be dressing the part????!!!!

    Your wedding invitations are so clever, so well thought out, and so much fun! They really do look like LP covers! So cool!

    Your always have such fantastic projects– breath of fresh air and always out of the box! I hope they absolutely love them— and the guests too!!!

  2. What a great job. We were so fortunate to have your talents, patience, and artistic vision to help create a very memorable invitation set for the wedding.
    The reaction from our guests was priceless as they all loved the amount of detail that went into each handcrafted piece. The invitations you’ve created definitely helped set the tone of the wedding and we are very grateful that you were so kind and diligent in working with us.
    Thank you so very much. I sincerely hope your readers can appreciate the level of commitment and detail you put into the project. I can assure you that myself and soon-to-be-bride definitely do! Much love.

  3. They turned out really great, 2 thumbs up! My favorite 70’2 song, released the year I was born, 1978, By Bob Seger Old time Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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