Frame It!

Have you got a quote you love, but just can’t commit to putting it straight on the wall?  Maybe you’re in an apartment or space where you’re not permitted to put vinyl on the walls, but you are allowed to hang pictures!  Here’s the vinyl quote solution for you!!   FRAME IT! 

For this project, I used a frame that was meant for three 5×7″ photos, and removed the provided cardboard matting.   I used my computer and vinyl cutter to cut out a quote and a couple embellishments to finish it off.

After weeding the whole design, use transfer tape to apply it to the outside (or front) of the glass that goes in the picture frame.   Sometimes it makes things a little easier to handle if you apply your design in sections (for this, you could have cut it into three sections, adding the words first and then the swirls to the outside).


Be sure to burnish your design well, and peel back the transfer tape slowly so that you’re sure the vinyl is sticking to the glass where it’s supposed to.  Peel too fast, and you risk ripping a letter that’s half burnished!

You have a couple options to finish off this kind of project.  For this piece, I created a background for the quote by putting a sheet of tan vinyl behind the glass and added the backing of the frame to hang it up.


Here’s an example of a piece I’ve done before where I chose to create a “floating” quote, without using the frame backing.  For this, I used hot glue to hold my glass in place from behind and added a picture hanger right into the back of the frame.

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