Circle Weekly Challenge #41: Interactive Elements Challenge!

This was a fun challenge!! I can’t wait to try out more interactive elements on my cards… and maybe scrapbook pages.  I have a hard time putting interactive elements on my scrapbook pages because I have a strict “keep that page in it’s page protector” policy when it comes to my books!  LOL

Back to the challenge!! We were required to add an “interactive element” onto a project…  Here are some of the examples provided in the challenge guidelines:

  • Create a pocket on a layout that holds special journaling, a tag or memorabilia.
  • Make an envelope and place it on a layout. Attach buttons to each side of the envelope, using twine to wrap around the buttons, holding the envelope closed.
  • Use a brad and create a swing effect- perhaps on the top of a ladybug’s wings, allowing the wings to swing open to reveal your message underneath.
  • Cut an elephant using a Cricut cartridge. Cut a circle where the elephant’s trunk should be so that children can use their finger as the elephant’s trunk.
  • Make a pocket on the front of a card. Place paper flowers that are adhered to green popsickle sticks in the pocket. Then, your recipient can remove the flowers and place them in a small bucket. You could even add a magnet on the back of the flowers so they can be placed on a refrigerator. Add a photo of your child to the flower center for a wonderful grandparent’s gift.

I have seen spinner cards on a few blogs and have been interested in doing one for a while, but I wanted to put another “spin” on it (hehe)!  Instead of spinning I wanted to see if I could use the same concept, with two spinners, to make a truck roll across a card.  Success!  Here’s my finished project, at three intervals of the “slide”:

Thanks so much for rolling by!!


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