Baby’s Room Vinyl Tree!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of putting up a vinyl tree in the future room of someone who is sure to be a very adorable and very loved little baby!   Along with my mom as my assistant (thanks mom!), we traveled to Chatham to see friends from my undergrad and to add a little something to their nursery.

I just love the results of these trees – this is the second time I have installed this particular tree, and I get questions from many crafters regarding the process of designing something so big to cut with the Cricut.   I’m hoping to answer some of those questions in this post while I share some photos from the install yesterday!

Here is an excerpt from instructions I provided after doing this tree the first time:

“First I took a screenshot of the tree I wanted to cut in Design Studio and then printed it out on paper.  I used that to divide the piece into 12″x24″ pieces that I could cut out with the Cricut.  Once I had that all mapped out (11 mats in total!), I went back to design studio and changed the size of the tree to 72″ tall and 54” wide and worked away at putting just the right piece of the tree on each different mat.  We all wanted to have a branch extending over the crib so one of the branches on the left ended up being cut twice and added onto the right side of the tree.

I did a practice cut using paper to make sure the pieces lined up and then adjusted my design accordingly.  I brought my Cricut and all of my supplies into the baby’s room, where the tree was going and got to work!  With a friend (the expectant mother) working alongside we cut it out of brown vinyl from the trunk up and used transfer tape to place them on the wall, piece by piece.

Once the tree itself was complete (oh what a glorious feeling!), I used my Gypsy to fill a couple 12×12 mats with leaves and we cut those out and added them to the wall.  We finished it off with a mommy and daddy bird (these parents to be are often referred to as “the love birds”) and added a little baby bird. “

The cartridges used in this particular project were Serenade (Tree), Gypsy Wanderings (Leaves), Happily Ever After (Birds and Heart).

Here is the image I send to most people when they ask for more details on how I mapped out the design.  I used colours to keep my 12″ x 24″ “mats” separate visually and calculated everything in inches so that I knew exactly what would fit in each “mat area”

Here’s a photo of my test cut.  Cutting it out in paper first helped me to see where I needed to make adjustments in my layout:

Onto yesterday’s install!!
In progress, you can see how the tree looks as the pieces go up.  This is about 7 of the 11 pieces:

Wondering what’s plugged into that outlet?  What else could it be?!

Here is the completed tree, before leaves are added:

With leaves and birds!  The painted wall is green itself and the leaves blend in to give a soft effect: 🙂

And finally, this is my favourite photo of the day!  M & B, parents to be, sitting under their new tree!  Are they not the cutest darn couple you’ve ever seen!?  They will be incredible parents and anyone who enters into their lives would know that in half a second!  Congratulations M & B!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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