Cricut Conquers Cancer!

This month’s challenge for the Circle Magazine is to “dress up” one or more of the little Circut Vinyl Collectibles.  I only own one of these, and it is the pink one, modeled after the breast cancer limited edition Cricut Machine.  I always think of my amazing sister in law when I look at that little guy and decided to pay tribute to both her and my brother through this challenge!  Over the past weekend, they took part in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, riding for a total of 200 kilometers in just two days!!!  The entire event broke records and raised over 18 MILLION dollars for cancer research!! Over $7,000 of that was from my brother and sister in law.

Here’s a look at a Cricut style representation of their experience 🙂  All of the cancer survivors that were participating in the ride had yellow flags attached to their bikes, just like Allison’s Cricut version…

Banners in the background, held by excited spectators, read “GO ALLISON” and “GO MARK”

Here’s a picture to explain how I left the bike bases on my mat to layer them since they were so small and I would have been chasing them all over the craft room! lol  You can also see the size of the cuts here, in comparison to the cutting mat 🙂

I used Art Philosophy for the banners, Boys Will be Boys for the bikes, Everyday Paper Dolls for clothes, Create a Critter for Clouds, and Cricut Everyday for the little bug riders 🙂

To share just how proud I am of these two, here are a few pictures from the event… If this doesn’t inspire people to support the cause, I’m not sure what would!

An unexpected sighting of Allison from the car – Mom and Dad caught Allison in action as they were driving to their next stop!

Around the 90km mark, with just 10km to go on the first day – a very wet ride through pouring rain for most of the day!

Past the finish line!!! Way to Go!!
200km in two days!

Incredibly proud parents, and a sign from the littlest supporters!

I’m so proud of you for all you do, Mark and Allison!!! Love you both!
If you’d like to get more information on this event, you can visit the website here.

Thanks for stopping by!!


8 thoughts on “Cricut Conquers Cancer!

  1. What a wonderful display for the mag challenge and so sweet and kind in honor of your sister-in-law. All those bikes are just amazing.

  2. Laura, I absolutely think this is my favorite one of all! I love that you found a way to tie this challenge into something meaningful to you while creating a fun scene! I love that your photography took advantage of the 3D elements to get a real sense of depth (that was something I really had fun with on mine too). I love that you made the roadside banners and I adore the crowded field of bikers! So clever to use Cricut cuts for those guys!! Honestly, you had me at the blue sky with puffy white clouds– after that, everything else was pure magic!

    I love that you shared pics of your SIL and your brother! They sound remarkable!!

  3. What a great job. Love the way you shared a personal story to help tie it together for the cause. Great idea and I like how you showed how to make it. Congrats to your brother and SIL for raising so much money for the cause.

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