A Shirt to Match!

I have a pretty awesome group of friends, and this leads to some pretty outrageous parties, often theme oriented.   Over the weekend it was time to celebrate two birthdays in our group and the designated party planners (I like to call AarLaina), got to work to create Party Rock!   The major theme for the party?? NEON!!

Alas, I needed something to wear and decided to make it myself!  I had a t-shirt in my stash (I like to pick up blank shirts in a variety of colours and sizes when I find a bargain, for projects like this!), but it needed some sprucing up.  I used my Gypsy to size everything out, reversed the images, and cut it out in Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Some Tips for HTV:

  • When cutting in heat transfer vinyl, you’ll need to flip your images before cutting, especially letters, because they’re adhered to the shirt opposite from the way you would adhere paper layers.  
  • Heat transfer vinyl comes with a clear plastic side and a vinyl side – the clear plastic is what sticks to your mat, and the vinyl side is cut.
  • Doing a “kiss cut” (only cutting through the vinyl and not the plastic), will give you a sticky frame around your image to help with placement.
  • Get your iron HOT!
  • Remember, the vinyl won’t be sticky, only the plastic areas you’ve weeded the excess from will be.  The vinyl adhesive is activated when heated.
  • Don’t use steam
  • Pay attention to your vinyl’s directions to know if it should be peeled when warm or cool

Onto the design!! 

I used three cartridges for this shirt: Home Decor (swirls/star), Rock Princess (dancing girl), and Art Philosophy (butterflies).   These are my images cut out and weeded – notice that they’re reversed, and the colour side is down.

I suggest pre-washing any garment you’re going to apply vinyl to, just in case it’s prone to shrinking.  Sometimes I’m impatient (like this time) and skip that step… I might not be able to wear this shirt again but we’ll see how it looks after the wash!   Next is the fun part!! Lay out your first layer!  Once you have a layer down (sticky side down, plastic side up), you’re ready to apply.  Follow the directions for your vinyl.  I usually apply a lot of pressure and go back and forth slowly for about a minute or so, and then check to see if it has adhered by gently peeling up a corner of the plastic.

Here’s a little peek at the layout of our outdoor party, complete with music video projection screen and dance floor!! Such a fun night!

Thanks for stopping by!!


3 thoughts on “A Shirt to Match!

  1. What a great shirt and fantastic tutorial! Your friends really know how to throw a party– outside dance floor and all! The VIP lounge cracks me up! Sounds like you had a great time!

    You are becoming the Queen of Vinyl -all sorts!

  2. Awesome T-shirt and wonderful tips. Thanks for giving us the little tricks. Great job and looks like you had fun w/ the party.

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